Our vee pulleys are made using a radial forming process starting from a solid disk or "preform". In the first stage of the process, the rim of the preform is split to a depth of several millimetres by rotating the disk against tangentially disposed forming tools; in the second stage, the disk is rotated against a second set of finishing tools specifically designed to obtain the required groove cross-section. Standard reference diameters are between 80 and 550 mm, with disk thicknesses of between 3.5 and 6 mm. The standard construction material is sheet steel, and, once fully formed, the parts are galvanized to provide optimum corrosion resistance. We can also manufacture pulleys in alternative materials including stainless steel and aluminium, and with shapes and groove profiles to customer specifications. The main characteristics of our pulleys include simple and economical construction, drive transmission efficiency of between 95 and 98%, low noise operation and excellent resistance to overload conditions.

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